Sample Restaurant Business Plan

Here are some steps to opening a restaurant, most of the  info require some more thinking. You should  have these steps documented in your restaurant business plan. These are samples of  what should be in your business plan. This is just part of a bigger list.

  1. Clarify your concept and put all the proposed details–from decor to dessert choices–in writing. If you can’t write about them, they need more thought.
  2. Prepare for a plethora of paperwork, including byzantine building codes with regulations covering everything from kitchen exhaust systems to interior finish requirements.
  3. Find an ideal location. Do a demographic study of the surrounding area. Research the amount of foot traffic and the availability of easy parking. Then negotiate a lease you can afford.
  4. Plan your menu early in the game. Kitchen layout and equipment purchases depend on it. Reduce your equipment costs either by purchasing used equipment or leasing new.

Opening a restaurant does require many things and be sure to have it well thought out and put the steps into a business plan. If you need help on a certain task or question about restaurant start ups, give us a shout or push the big red button.



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