Robbery Issues in Restaurant Industry

Fast Food Robberies don’t happen much, but it is still a big concern for many operators of fast food joint.

There are many security challenges faced by fast food operators. Their outlets are usually on a main road, or near a freeway. They are located in both high-crime and low-crime areas. They are open from early morning to late at night. Employees are mostly young and inexperienced, and frequently work alone or with only a few other co-workers per shift.  It is a cash-based business. Also, depending on your local area,  fire code regulations dictate that businesses open to the public must leave their doors unlocked during business hours.

Factors For Successful Robbery

The two main factors that perpetrators consider when choosing a location to rob is lots of available cash and the ability to get away clean. Robbers prefer isolation, lone victims, good escape routes, and few witnesses, in addition to the probability of a good score.

Synergy Restaurant Consultants Advices

We recommend an evaluation of the entire business operation.

  • Utilizes effective application of proper lighting both inside and outside of the restaurant
  • Strategic use of video surveillance cameras and audio monitoring systems
  • Silent alarm systems, panic buttons and alerts
  • Proper training for employees, and the presence of additional security personnel.

Thinking outside the box

  • Be sure to have a time lock out on safes so that nobody can access the cash, at later times in the day.
  • Invest in non slick shoes for employees, due to grease on the floor. For would be robbers coming in to the cash register has to walk on the tile floors.  The slickness of the grease will slow them down, giving the employees an advantage of engaging the silent alarm and run!

Another thing that saves fast food restaurant from being robbed is the sheer numbers of employees and customers. Most robbers are looking for a more secluded easier target.  In law enforcement they call this “Psychological Deterence”,  “hard target”, you’re making more difficult for would be robbers to rob your establishment.  Nothing is foolproof, but you can slow them down by making it more difficult to rob.

If you have more questions give us a shout, Synergy Food Seasonings Restaurant Consultants.



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