Sound Restaurant Business Plan

A Restaurant Business plan is a professional written document that describes the business that any operator wants to start, raise venture capital, and how to attract angel investors  and how it will become profitable when written correctly.

Business plans begin with a statement outlining the purpose and goals of any already existing business or start up and entails to show how the business owner and entrepreneurs to realize those goals, including a detailed marketing strategy.

A detailed business plans also contains a formal profit-and-loss projection and cash-flow analysis designed to show that if the business develops as expected, it will make money. The structure, content and format of business plans will depend on your idea and intended audience.

If you’re trying to raise finance from VC (venture capitalists), either corporate investors or angel investors, your business plan needs to show solid financial data and market research in a professional, polished package in chronological order.

Throughout the writing of your restaurant business plan you have to keep in mind your intended audience and why you are writing the plan.  Whats more important is that the plan outlines some specifics:

  • Type of market that you’re in – fast food, burgers, tacos, lobsters, etc..
  • Specific Food Industry – teriyaki chicken is popular in the northwest compared to the mid west
  • Customers – what does your customer want in the local area
  • Competitor – who’s the big dog, and how many?

This is why writing your  restaurant business plan is paramount.



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